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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Impact Week!

Hey Everyone!
            This Sunday is the kick-off of Green Club's Annual No Impact Week!  Based off of the movie No Impact Man, No Impact Week is a week-long environmental challenge with the a goal of having as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Its the time to go extreme and in the end hopefully you'll learn that a few changes in your daily routine have no impact on your quality of life, but a huge one on the quality of the environment.  To make this already sweet week even better, we're hosting an event nearly everyday!
They are:
Sunday- Start Your List!
             Monday 8PM, Jones 102-Screening of “No Impact Man”
             Tuesday 7:30PM, Leadership Lounge- Shirt Silk-Screening and BOSS Upcycling
             Wednesday 7:30PM, Hebert 210- Green Panel, come talk to Eco-Professionals
             Thursday 4PM- Guided Nature Walk
             Friday 3PM- Picnic in the Park
             Saturday- Volunteer with Green Light New Orleans

Here is a copy of the pledge:

No Impact Week

1.     Name
2.     Tulane Email
3.     Challenge Yourself! What will you try to do this week?
            (The more you do the better, its only one week!)
¨  No meat
¨  No new products
¨  No “to-go” food
¨  No new printer paper
¨  Only use library computers (they are already on all day)
¨  No cars
¨  No paper towels
¨  No disposable water bottles
¨  Only short shower (try turning off the water why you shampoo!)
¨  No wasted food; clean plate club
¨  Compost your scraps
¨  No lights during the day
¨  No machine drying- hang your clothes up to dry
¨  No running water while brushing your teeth
¨  No chemical cleaners
¨  No plastic bags
¨  No cosmetics
¨  Unplug chargers when not in use
¨  Limit electronic use
¨  No TV
¨ Other:

You can come by the table we'll have quad side of the LBC at Thursday 12:30-2, during FAQ, Monday of No Impact Week 11-1 and 3-4 to sign-up.  Or it'd also be awesome for you to fill this out and send it to me ( or Susannah ( so we can keep up with all you no-impacters!
Get pumped! This week is going to be hard and a blast!
~Dan Coleman
  VP of Education and Campus Affairs

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