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Monday, August 31, 2009

First Meeting!!!!!

Hey Everyone,
The first meeting is being held tomorrow at 7:00pm in Alice Fortier (3rd Floor). We are going to go over a bunch of stuff so try to be there. And as always, the calendar is constantly being updated.

If you missed out on the first Juggling club Bike ride don't worry. There will be more to come.

Hopefully see you tomorrow.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Green Club 2009

This is an incomplete list of ideas and events for next year. We will be adding the confirmed events onto the calendar. Feel free to add to this list.

  • · Weekly meetings will involve philosophical discussions about the environment and society

o Get faculty involved

  • · Talk to environmental classes at Tulane in order to get a larger member base
  • · Set up a trip with Green Light New Orleans early in the year
  • Take monthly trips with TUCOBABE to Plan B / RUBARB
  • Build Bike Trailers from recycled products from the Green project
  • Bike Sale and Plant Sale
    • Possibly Sunday Sept. 13th
    • Plants from Laughing Buddha Nursery
    • Bikes from Mike the Bike Guy, Plan B, RUBARB, Liz Davey knows more
  • · September 19th beach Sweep with Joanne Berke

  • · Get Vendors to Tulane and Go to farmers market- (If you are interested in running this contact Brett!!)

Get local farmers market vendors to come to Tulane with local foods and goods.

o Upper Ninth Ward Farmers Market, Crescent City Farmers Market, Hollygrove Farmers Market

  • Movie Screenings
  • Tulane Environmental Volunteer Campaign- Enviro-Home Consulting (This is still in the beginning stages)

o The goal is to inform the whole city, one neighborhood at a time, of environmental solutions in their home and lifestyle. By suggesting different solutions to homes such as solar panels, rain barrels, raised bed gardens, etc., we save the homeowners money, improve their lifestyle and help the environment. By connecting people with the proper contacts, or by undertaking projects on our own, we will constantly be learning and teaching others.

o The spread of information and implementation of solutions is our main priority. In certain situations the opportunity to make profit may arise.

By installing raised bed gardens, delivering food from farmers markets, or connecting homeowners with contractors we will be able to make money (South Coast Solar will pay you 2.5% of the final cost if you recommend them a customer).For as much profitable work as we may do I would like to go to low income neighborhoods and install raised bed gardens at cost, deliver food for free, and inform them of simple solutions they can undertake. Everyone deserves to know the information that's out there.

o Market our service through flyers and word of mouth

If you are new to the Tulane Environmental Volunteer Campaign

1. Talk to Me (Brett). I have been trying to get this started for months and any suggests or help would be great.

2. Get the necessary documents that I have accumulated.(I'll put it on your flash drive if you have one)

Other Thoughts- Keep the ideas flowing...

  • Mow the garden lawn with push mowers
  • Start a garden- possibly a folkewall (We need someone to run this!)
  • Set up a greywater system in the juggling club garden
  • Green Roofs!!!!!
  • Reusable water bottles.

A New Year


Hope everyone had a good summer. This is the first post for the Green Club. I'd like to use this as a hub for environmental information in New Orleans and on Tulane's campus and to update others about greenclub doings.

To check out some events the green club is doing go to the calendar link on the side.

We have many environmental undertakings this year. The calendar is only our official events. We like to party.

If you are interested in writing for this blog or learning more about the green club please contact me, Brett Levin, at

Get a bike!