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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wrapping It Up: A Great Semester Behind Us and Another Soon to Come

This semester was absolutely awesome and we'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped out along the way. A quick reflection on some things we've done recently:

Clothing Swap (11/16)
What an overwhelming success! More than 80 people participated, sustainably getting rid of their old clothes and getting some cool new stuff in the process (without using any new resources!). With 336 articles swapped, we saved cotton, dye, and an estimated 252,000 gallons of water (shout out to Kate for that calculation). We'll be hosting another clothing swap next semester, so remember to bring clothes you don’t wear back to school after Christmas break! Swap out those lame gifts for some fresh new threads. 

Community Garden Building (11/17)
In the words of Dan: On Saturday about 15 of us went to Holly Grove to work on a community garden that was just getting started.  We weeded, tilled, raked, and moved a lot of dirt!  Green Club provided awesome veggie pizza from Naked Pizza, giving us a much appreciated break.  Overall the day was a great time and we'll definitely be doing some volunteer gardening next semester, hopefully in a combined effort with Hope Garden!

Po-boy Fest bike valet with Bike Easy (11/18)

Working with New Orleans’ own non-profit, Bike Easy, we helped make biking to po-boy fest super easy and accessible! This not only alleviated the already heavy traffic in the area, but also prevented lots of C02 in car exhaust from being released. Plus we met some really cool people, had free po-boys, and got to check out the bike keg in the process. I would definitely recommend volunteering with Bike Easy when you get the chance; it was an absolute blast.
The famous bike-keg
 Quadruple fisting. Thanks for the po-boys, Bike Easy!

Lots of great things were done this semester and Green Club's sights are set higher for the spring. From working to green mardi gras, making cool upcycled stuff in BOSS, and fighting for Tulane’s divestment from fossil fuel companies, there are already a lot of great ideas floating around. Keep an eye on the blog and we’ll see y’all next year! Good luck with finals and happy holidays. 

P.S - Remember the Green Theme from our last meeting: Green the holidays! Wrap presents in newspaper, thrift for gifts, turn off your festive lights for part of the day/ at night, and anything else you can think of. Also spread some green holiday cheer and talk up all of our Green Themes with your family and friends, as collectively they add up to make a big difference. 

with love,

Emma Collin
Executive Vice President

To round out the fall semester this year, Green Club had its BLOW OUT WEEKEND! To kick it off, on Thursday the 15th, Green Club co-sponsored the screening of a film with Gulf Restoration Network. The film contained short documentaries and movies that Gulf Restoration Network compiled for their anual film contest.

Some clips were really funny, making fun of BP and other corporations, while others showed the drastic damage and critical state that the gulf shore is still experiencing today. For example, a lot of the oil that was dispersed and just sunk to the bottom of the wetlands during the clean up got churned up again when Isaac came through in August. Some people claim that most of the oil has been dealt with by now, but plants and animal habitats were hit again by the oil spill after the hurricane. It was a great movie, and if you'd like any more info you can check out A donation could make for a great gift for friends for family!

Hope ya'll enjoyed the movie and we'll see you at the next general meeting in January! Good luck with exams, you can do it!!!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Green Club Blowout Weekend

So the semester is slowly drawing to a close, so we've decided to throw at Blowout Weekend with tons of awesome activities! Volunteers, festivalgoers, gardeners, and filmwatchers are all needed.

Green Club meeting 7:30pm in Boggs 104. Donata Henry, one of Tulane's finest professors, will be speaking for the Green Club Lecture Series. Make sure to come out and hear it!

Gulf Restoration Network and Green Club are co-hosting a short film screening about the environmental issues regarding the Gulf Coast. Dan of GRN will be there to facilitate a discussion after the film. Norman Mayer room 102 at 6:30pm. Facebook event

Green Club's semesterly Clothing Swap is finally here! Come by Pocket Park from 3-6pm  (tucked in between LBC and Fogelman). If you already donated clothes, come by and you'll get to take as many as you donated. If ya didn't, you can still bring clothes on Friday. Or if you don't have any to donate, come anyway. We'll be charging a nominal fee for each piece of clothing.

Volunteers needed! A woman has contacted us to help her build a community garden. We'll be teaming up with Hope Gardens to get this done. Green Club will provide lunch for volunteers. Pickup will be at 9:30 in front of Reily. We'll get back around 4. Here's the signup sheet

Then we are having a Green Club Potluck! Time and place TBA. But we'll also be screen printing T shirts! Keep an ear out cuz it'll be fun!

Bike Easy, and awesome group devoted to make NOLA more bike-friendly, runs a free bike valet program at certain festivals in the city. This Sunday at Po Boy Fest they need help parking bikes. Last year was tons of fun volunteering with them. Here's the signup sheet for this

I hope you come out to some of these awesome events!


President ~ Tulane Green Club

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nuclear Power Debate

Pictures from the Nuclear Power Debate!

Clothing Swap

Green Club presents our semesterly
Clothing Swap
Come swap some old clothes ya don't wear
For some cool ones that ya will!

What: an exchange of the cloth we often drape over our naked bodies
When: Every FAQ from 4-6pm
How: bring clothes to an FAQ,
then on Nov. 16th 3-6pm we lay all of them out,
and you take the number that you donated
Anything beyond that costs a nominal fee (few bucks each)
Why: for to save resources, and to get dope clothes!

And spread the word! The more humans that participate,
 the better selection you get to choose from!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nuclear Power Debate


Tuesday night at our debate on nuclear power, over 130 people turned out. That is so awesome!

Our panelists from the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Public Citizen, Clean Energy America and Entergy duked it out over the nuke issue. In case you missed it, we'll be posting the footage soon here. In the meantime I'll write a few key points that were made by each side:

Pro Nuclear:
We need baseload power, and nuclear power is cleaner than coal and natural gas
Nuclear generation has zero carbon footprint
It's safe. No deaths have occurred in America
All the nuclear reactors in America have so far only generated waste that would fill a football field 7 yards deep.
Reactors put back 98% of the water they use
They are very well monitored and regulated
Solar power has toxic components. No power supply is risk-free.
The sun doesn't shine and wind doesn't blow 24/7, but Uranium always produces heat (baseload)

Anti Nuclear:
The startup cost is very large. New plant in Georgia needs $8 billion from the government. Plants cannot be created based on market forces alone. That money should be used to fund decentralized solar power in homes instead
We don't need baseload power any more. Just like centralized supercomputers for processing have fallen by the wayside to decentralized iPads and laptops, we can decentralize power generation
Nobody has agreed on a way to dispose of the waste
Nuclear power uses lots of water
It's dangerous, as can be seen by Fukushima Daiichi
The regulators do not actually do as much as they should

Check back soon for the footage and pictures!

Get a bike!

President ~ Tulane Green Club

Monday, October 8, 2012

French Famous!

Campus Campaign, a french filmaking group, is on a tour across the US stopping at campuses and interviewing students and faculty about different topics. When they stopped in NOLA their topic was: the environment!  How serendipitous, because that's what we care about!
They interviewed us and came to one of our meetings. Check out the footage!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 2nd annual Second Line for Sustainability! It was a blast and we got some great photos that will be posted soon.
Also, make sure to come out to our Nuclear Power Debate on Tuesday!

Tulane Political Science Department 
and Tulane Green Club present
Nuclear Power Debate
Come hear both sides of the issue
In support of nuclear power:
Desiree Wolfgramm from Clean Energy America
In opposition to nuclear power:
Casey Roberts from the 
Alliance for Affordable Energy 
 Tyson Slocum from Public Citizen
Tuesday, Oct. 9th 7pm  
 Business School undergrad building GWH 131
Audience participation strongly encouraged
Refreshments provided by Whole Foods

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Few Things

Green Club general meeting Tuesday 9/25 7:30 pm in Boggs 104.  Be there, or don't!

    We're having our second annual 2nd Line for Sustainability this Sunday from 1-3pm starting at the field in front of Reily (For those of you who don't know what a 2nd Line is, come and find out. You'll be glad you did)
    Tulane Brass Band will be there jammin out tunes for us to dance to. We'll be making cardboard signs with environmental slogans on them Saturday to tout while dancing our tootsies off. So come and dance! And bring friends, and dogs, and instruments, and parrots, and whatever you want!. Official event page is here

    One more thing: our clothing swap is nigh, so starting at this FAQ on LBC quad from 4-6pm we'll be accpeting clothes. For every piece of clothing you bring, you get to take one from the actual swap on Oct. 19th.

    Lastly, our nuclear power debate will be Oct. 9th at 7pm in GWH 1310. That event page is here. . It is going to be explosive (in a good way, not like a meltdown kinda way).
Nick Stracco
President ~ Tulane Green Club