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Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring 2011 Plans

At our Monday meeting we came up with some committees for this semester.

BOSS - Back to Old School Sustainability
BOSS gets together every Sunday afternoon in the Patterson lounge to learn to make things such as salve, granola, body scrub, fruit leather, etc. Hopefully this semester, they will begin selling products on campus and become a truly sustainable committee. If you are interested in getting on the email list contact Jake Winkelman (

This committee will be in charge of environmental education, both on campus and off. Some suggestions at the meeting were chalk facts around campus, coordinating with Green Light to volunteer in schools, etc. Someone also suggested a bike rally to promote awareness both on and off campus, which we could perhaps coordinate with the New Orleans Metro Bicycle Coalition. It was also suggested that we compile a list of green businesses in New Orleans, which I think should be a task for this committee.

The Green Club would like to get some fundraising both to help Green Light, as well as be able to do more things like T shirt making and movie/pizza nights for the club.

Waste Action Committee
This committee will encompass recycling, composting, and perhaps a campaign to reduce styrofoam and plastic use on campus. Our goals will be to increase easily accessible recycling bins on campus, expand composting into Leadership Village, and try to promote reusable cups, water bottles, etc.

This committee is only for those who would like to help plan Green Club volunteering. Many people were interested in helping out at Hollygrove, Green Light, and around campus. Anything that we plan, we will advertise through the listserv, so you don't have to be a part of this committee to participate.

Other Suggestions: (not under any committee so far)

Coordinating competitions (similar to Recyclemania) to get people involved. If anyone has ideas for contests, please let us know.

Create a "1 Green Thing a Day" to students: easy changes that can make a big difference.

Host a "Green Week" when people commit to do something environmental for one week, that might seem intimidating to make as a complete lifestyle change, but can help to create incremental change. For example, going vegetarian - a really big change, but doable for a week, and it might inspire you to eat more vegetarian meals.

The last thing that was very clear in everyone's "5 Things" was getting to know other members of the Green Club and creating a "green community" on campus, which we will do by hosting more things like T Shirt making and movie nights.