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Monday, March 18, 2013

Earth Fest!

The earth is worth celebrating, and this Saturday we did just that. Earth Fest is a fun way for Audubon Zoo goers, both old and young, to learn about current environmental issues and solutions. We worked at the Sierra Club's booth and children approached us to receive a stamp for their green-themed scavenger hunt. They had to answer this question: What makes oysters, crawfish, and seafood inedible? We received some silly and adorable answers like vinegar and salt, but even most young New Orleans children were quick to think of oil (the answer we were looking for is more of an umbrella term, hint: it starts with a p and rhymes with shmollution). With older kids we talked about the changes Louisiana can expect to see with rising sea level which sparked some powerful discussion about our region's future. Overall it was a really rewarding day, and getting to walk around the zoo for free in the beautiful spring weather wasn't too shabby either.

Come to our meeting this Tuesday 7:30 in Boggs 104 to learn about more volunteer opportunities. Thanks for reading!

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