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Friday, March 23, 2012


Green Club is pleased to announce NO IMPACT WEEK. Inspired by documentary No Impact Man, in which a man attempts to have zero impact on the environment, producing no waste, living without the consumption of any fossil fuels.

Beginning April 1st, a group of students will commit to living the week with as little wastefulness as possible. The week isn't the first week of a painfully eco-conscious life, but rather an opportunity to see what changes one is willing to embrace. By the end of the week, participants will have found some waste reducing practices are totally within reach of every day life, while others are not at all.

The first event of the week will be a CLOTHING SWAP in POCKET PARK on SUNDAY, APRIL FIRST from 1-4. Clothing-production is surprisingly very polluting, cotton being deemed the dirtiest crop. There will be more info to come on both NO IMPACT WEEK and the nastiness of clothing production, but for now get excited about the Clothing Swap.

Green Club will be in front of the LBC from 3-6 for the two following Fridays at the Quad events (that means today) accepting clothing drop offs. For every article of clothing dropped off, you get to pick out a new (ok maybe it's gently used) piece of clothing. Again, we are collecting clothes friday March 30th 3-6 in front of the LBC.

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