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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

Girl Scouts taking care of business…more like Women Scouts!

Things are looking bright for American forests. 

Mayors from all over the country come together to make healthy, sustainable food a priority. 

Bill McKibben, our dear friend who founded 350 and led the fight against Keystone, lays down the truth here on climate change and big oil

Illustrates what cities should strive for, and offers really cool examples. 

I'm not trying to be a sucker for ads but this Chipotle ad so solidly lays out the evils of industrial farming. Chipotle gives hope to this world with its commitment to locally sourcing produce and truly free range pork, etc. 

Even McDonald's is making efforts to treat animals better. 


This guy says we don't need alternative fuels, but alternative urban design. 

A trend towards micro-grids. Localising energy. 

Peruvian indigenous protesting mining. 

Nevada stood its ground and Keystone XL isn't even an issue until 2015. But the fight must go on. 

Clothing industry dyes are horrible. Nike's making an effort. 

Obama's budget is looking kind of sexy when it comes to clean energy and things of that sort. 

Regulations on fracking on public lands. It's a start. Definitely not enough. 

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