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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marching Against the Seas: Gulf Coast Rising

It has been almost two weeks since our Second Line for Sustainability, and even today we are still amazed at how successful it was. We showed not only Tulane, but the entire city of New Orleans, that we care about its future.

For those who aren't aware of sea-level rise and how it affects New Orleans, imagine Tulane's beautiful, newly-built Yulman Stadium and how much time and money was put into constructing it. Well, southeast Louisiana loses over one Yulman Stadium's worth of land every 15 minutes. Thats right, it takes only 15 minutes to destroy an amount of land equivalent to something that took 20 months and millions of dollars to build. If action isn't taken soon, there may not be a French Quarter to march through again!

Tulane Green Club decided to take a stand against an issue so close to our home. On October 25th, 2014, nearly 100 students, led by Lagniappe Brass Band, marched in solidarity through downtown New Orleans raising awareness about coastal sea-level rise. Even better, members of the Louisiana community, and Captain Planet, joined us as well. 

We danced, we paraded, and most importantly, we cared!

Our afternoon ended with a speeches from former Tulane Student Robert Sullivan and Lousiana Bucket Brigades founder Anne Rolfes, and a discussion about why us students care about the environment. It was an all around amazing and meaningful time. We couldn't have done it without all of you!

Here are some E-board members who are exhausted from putting together such a moving event. See you all at the Second Line in 2015!


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