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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome Back!

As we close our second week into spring semester, Green Club is excited to move forward with tons of exciting events in the coming weeks! Last Tuesday, we started off the semester with an open planning meeting where we got tons of awesome feedback on what people are looking forward to and opportunities for growth. On Thursday, we travelled to A Studio in the Woods, an artists' residency facility within an endangered forest preserve. We learned about Sebastian Muellauer and his experiences working on Open Buoy, an open source vessel that he hopes to use in a variety of applications to further research efforts in Southern Louisiana. We also met some cool people from around the area and had delicious food.

This past Tuesday, we had a meeting where we discussed upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. A representative from 350 Louisiana came in to tell us about how to get involved with her organization as well. Our green theme of the week is to reduce packaging, which is especially easy with the new reusable container system at Bruff-to-Go. Make sure to check out the containers and the machines if you haven't been yet!

Get excited for the rest of the semester but especially the next few days! On Friday, check out our table at the activities expo in the LBC. On Saturday, join us for a Potluck, which we will be hosting with Hope Gardens. On Sunday, be sure to stop by the Green Wave Market at the Hillel from 12-2pm for delicious food, sustainable products, and good vibes.

Make sure to mark your calendars next month for Recyclemania and a debate later in the semester!

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