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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bringing in the new (school) year 2013-2014

By Anne Bevis

Hello All!

This will be my first post of the year as Green Club president. I want to lay out some of my goals for the year as well as my hopes/ dreams/ sensual green club fantasies. We have some absolutely AWSOME stuff going on this year starting with our second line for sustainability (date to be announced), the Powershift conference in October, several bayou marsh grass plantings (Clare, Alex and I just did one, it was a lot of sweaty fun), our fabulous bi-weekly meetings and much more!

This year we plan to work with a wide range or organizations: Bike Easy, Gulf resoration Network, the Juggling club, the Green Project, YLC, Unity, Verdigras, Sierra Club, Green Light New Orleans and many others.

Some on campus goals that I have:

  • Get Bruff-to-go to start a pilot re-usable container program. Watching all that plastic get thrown away makes me cringe.
  • Get Green Club involved with YLC wednesdays where we would serve as walking recycling cans while listening to great music and hanging with some awesome people!
  • Host another debate with the poly-sci department. Last year we hosted a nuclear power debate which was a huge success. This year we're thinking fracking as the topic of choice.
  • Go on more outdoors adventures/ camping trips!
  • Canvass for music festivals AKA spread environmental awareness and get into concerts for free
  • Screen some award-winning environmental documentaries in partnership with TUCP 

I'm excited to inherit some great Green Club traditions such as the Semesterly clothing swap which has saved literally hundreds of tons of water by avoiding new purchases (as well as keeping all our wallets much fatter!)  as well as the Crawfest vegetarian boil and delicious corn bread where we are the only vegetarian option present. I'm also excited for our members- new and returning-that make green club so great! We have a passionate, quirky, awesome group that has caused some real change on campus as well as in this great city!

What  I really want to know is what do YOU want to see this year?!

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