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Sunday, September 12, 2010


If you are not on our list-serv and would like to recieve emails about our meeting times please email
If you did not make it to the first meeting and you are interested in getting involved with any of the following topics email the leader of that group:

Community Outreach- Arianne Wolfe ( as mentioned in the previous email, this group will be planning trips with different volunteer organizations throughout the city.

Volunteering with Hollygrove- Brooke Schueller ( Get involved with local farming. You'll be able to help with planting and harvesting as well as working at the market. There is also talk of a weekly bike ride to the market.

Aquaponics- Kevin Morgan ( - a very interesting and innovative method of sustainable agriculture. We are working on a small scale system and plan on doing some grant writing for a larger setup.

Eat Local Dinner- Emily Cardarelli ( a catered dinner taking place sometime in November with local foods

Bike Rental Program- Brett Levin ( volunteering to help maintain and run the bike rental program (which should start up in a week or two).

Composting- Arianne Wolfe ( trying to make composting more available on campus.

Homemade- Jake Winkelman- ( this group will show students how to make organic products from scratch like the olden days.

If you would like to discuss any other topics please bring them up at our next meeting.

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone about the Law School's lecture series on the Deepwater Horizon ( ). Check out the schedule and go to them if you have time. They should be very interesting, and it's certainly an education that you couldn't get anywhere else (unfortunately).

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