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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring Semester 2010

This semester has endless potential. Our ability to work together and communicate will determine our success.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday January 26th, at 7:30pm on the third floor of Alcee Fortier. I ask of you to bring any and all ideas. They will be heard and voted on at the meeting.

Candidates for this semester are:

Main Events:
Unplug Competition- In collaboration with the YALL State Network
Earth Day (March 22nd) Concert and Screening of Planet Earth
Eat Local Dinner- A formal dinner of local food prepared by local chefs

Large Side Projects
Bike Rental Program
Campus Green Roof Proposal- extensive green roofs throughout campus
Nomow Campaign- designating certain parts of campus to not be mowed; adding ecological and visual beauty to the campus
Campus Farm proposal- Creating an Urban Farm in the field opposite the Boot
Chicken Coop proposal- design plans for a large chicken coop on a vacant Tulane lot
Bio-diesel Production Facility on Campus- use wastes from the dining halls to create bio-diesel
Green Light New Orleans membership campaign- getting 1000 Tulane students to become Green Light Members

Small Side Projects
Vermiculture bins in the Benevolent Garden

Camping Trips
Gardening in the Benevolent Garden
Weekly Trips to volunteer for environmental organizations throughout the city

  • If you are not on the Green Club List Serve contact Shemi -
  • We have a very functional bike trailer= endless potential.
  • Gardening in the Benevolent garden will open Next Tuesday! Do not fret if you haven't reserved a space with Anne yet. The Green Club has a large plot which will be divided up at the meeting.
  • The Bike Help Desk is open 2:30 to 5:00pm on Wednesdays and Fridays- the chess and backgammon club meets there as well
  • Juggling will continue on the roof of the Parking Garage Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be there at 9:00pm.
  • TUCOBABE (Tulane University Coalition of Bicyclists and Bicycle Enthusiasts) will continue bike rides this semester. Also, Nudey Calendars are still for sale. More info to come.
  • If you have any suggestions or comments email


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