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Monday, September 28, 2009


Here are some goals:

Short Term
  • Increase Participation and Turnouts to Events (go to the calendar on the right for a showing of events)
  • Get speakers from different fields to talk at our meetings
  • Promote "Young Louisianans for Clean Energy Rally" Oct. 24th (featuring a bike and plant sale, music, speakers)
  • Help with Community Gardens
  • Complete a bike trailer
  • Promote "Get Caught Green Handed" and Reusable mugs in the LBC
  • Plan better Recycling on Campus- map out flawed areas
Long Term
  • Compostable Utensiles on campus
  • Create a compost system on Campus
  • Eat Local Now- a fundraiser prepared by local chefs with local foods
  • Build Gardens in People's Backyards
  • Bike Rental Program through the Green Club
  • Create a Fleet of bike trailers

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